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Aktuelle Forschungsprojekte

Bewertung des Einflusses von Landnutzung und Klimawandel auf die Verfügbarkeit der Wasserressourcen im oberen Einzugsgebiet des Blauen Nils, Äthiopien. – Assessing the impact of land cover and climate change on water resources availability on upper Blue Nile River basin, Ethiopia.

The Blue Nile River basin covers the eastern Nile countries Ethiopia and Sudan. High temporal and spatial variability of rainfall in the upper Blue Nile basin decrease the performance of rain fed crop production. This highlights the effect of climate change in the Upper Blue Nile Basin which mainly focuses on crop production and water allocation. The basin has also experienced land cover/use change due to high population growth rates, and there are ongoing and planned irrigation and hydropower development projects which alter the water demand in the basin. In view of the importance of the Blue Nile basin (i.e., which contributes about 60% of the annual Nile discharge at Dongola and the potential threats from climate and land use change), effective climate and land use change impact assessments have become vital to plan and implement effective adaptation policies and sustainable water resources management in the basin. Therefore this research proposal suggests to assess the combined effect of land use dynamics and climate change on streamflow on the upper Blue Nile basin, an area which serves as an important source of water for three nations. The methodology that will be adopted includes statistical downscaling of Global Climate Models to use in hydrological model, and assessing land cover dynamics from satellite images using Remote Sensing tools. Finally assessingfuture changes in water availability (trend and seasonality) as response to climate and land cover/use change.

Letzte Änderung: 25. April 2017