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Mediterranean Desert Margin and Drylands Workshop (MULTIPP)

Welcome to Leipzig! About sixty invited scientific experts, young scientists and stakeholders participate at the international Mediterranean Desert Margin and Dryland Workshop from the 6th to 9th March 2018. The workshop is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and take place at the Institute of Geography, Leipzig University.

The major aim of the workshop is to discuss the environmental variability over the Holocene into the Anthropocene on the Mediterranean desert margins and drylands on different spatial and temporal scales and to understand the interactions between hydro‐climatic, geomorphological, ecological and socio‐ecological tipping points in the Mediterranean region.

In order to understand environmental and human responses on Holocene but also on future climate changes, we want to integrate a broad range of methods and research from (palaeo)climatic and (palaeo)environmental studies, archaeology, remote sensing applications, and modelling approaches.

All researchers and stakeholders are encouraged to communicate their methods, research results, challenges and probable aims in Mediterranean desert margin and dryland research. Based on that, existing and future research aims will be developed and consolidated during the workshop.

Mathias Ulrich, Christoph Zielhofer, Michael Vohland, and the Leipzig Physical Geography Team





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