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Abgeschlosssene Forschungsprojekte

Coastal Morphodynamic and Community Participation in Lagoon Conservation: Case study Segara Anakan Lagoon Indonesia

The increasing population growth and the rapid development activities in upland of the cacthment area for various utilizations (residential, industral, Agricultural, tourism and others) affected to the ecological pressure on the River Ecosystem and Coastal Resources. It also requires very wide land, thus forcing landuse changes at Cathment Areas.  The intensive landuse in the upstream also creates erotion and causing the large production of river sedimentation brought from upstream to downstream.

Segara Anakan Lagoon is located in the western district of Cilacap – Central Java border with Ciamis District – West Java Indonesia. Growth and development of inland areas Segara Anakan Lagoon (Cilacap, Central Java) has increased so fast.

There are three main issues regarding the Segara Anakan coastal conservation, Erosion process at the upstream area, a very intensive process of sedimentation, and the area of Segara Anakan Lagoon increasingly narrowed.

This research analyses of coastal management systems from upstream to downstream as integrated of watershed management. The objectives are to identify morphodynamic of coastal lagoon, identify and analysis of community respons and participation in conservation, and analysis and formulate model that can be designed towards conservation at Segara Anakan Lagoon. This research also uses survey and analytical descriptions by GIS and multitemporal satelite images intrepretation as methodology.

Letzte Änderung: 25. April 2017